A&M Senior Session

A&M Senior Session but Make It Unique

Are you looking for an A&M senior session that doesn’t look like anyone else’s? If so, you’re not alone. Many seniors feel like their photoshoots lack the personal touch that truly represents who they are in college. That’s where I come in! I THRIVE on collaborating with seniors who bring their own unique ideas to the table. We’ll dream up and capture something that not only documents this major milestone, but also authentically represents your personality. You’ll be able to look at your photos and be reminded of your experiences throughout your Texas A&M journey.

Make It Unique to You

Whether you want to include your hobbies, interests, or favorite places on campus, I’m here to bring your vision to life. We’ll put together a mood board to dream up just the right scenes, poses, and even outfits. Don’t worry, even though we’ll be working together to come up with a vision for your session, I’ll still take the reins in guiding you through the photo session. Trust me, you won’t feel awkward or uncomfortable!

Iconic Photos

But wait, does this mean we won’t take any photos at those major spots on campus? Definitely not! I understand the significance of these landmarks and the memories they hold. We’ll absolutely make time to visit these iconic locations, capturing the essence of your journey as a student. You can proudly throw up a gig ’em in front of all of those recognizable spots. The nostalgia will come rushing back years from now!

I believe in the power of authentic storytelling through photography. My calendar tends to fill up quickly, especially as graduation approaches. So, if you’re ready to break free from the mundane and embrace a senior photoshoot that’s uniquely you, don’t wait! Get in touch with me as soon as possible to book your A&M Senior session. Let’s create memories that will stand the test of time and capture the essence of who you are during this chapter of your life.

Inquire with Katrina about your A&M Senior Session, today! Calendar fills up fast, so don’t wait! xoxo

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