Known to some as Kat! I go by both, so take your pick :) I'm based in College Station and primarily shoot weddings in Houston. I also travel all over Texas to document weddings including (but not limited to) Dallas, Austin, Lubbock and San Antonio.

Houston wedding photographer

In 2019, while living in Paris, France, I shot my first two weddings as the lead photographer (with my husband as my second AND I was 6 months pregnant)! I loved how the days were naturally emotion-filled, and I loved that the action never stopped.

Fast forward to today, and I still love capturing love, now in Houston and internationally.

And I get it! Investing in a wedding photographer is a big deal! When you trust me as your photographer, I'll become a person who’s genuinely invested in your love story so it's portrayed intimately, uniquely, and artfully. And no worries! I'll be there to prepare and guide you through the whole process of working with me as a photographer. You'll feel at ease and as stress free as possible where I'm involved.

So what are you waiting for?? Let's make it happen!


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more about katrina

I have four (yes, FOUR) children. They're my darlings, and make me giddy and crazy and thrilled to be alive and tired all at the same time #momlife. I know you're not here to hear all the mom gushing, but they're truly my biggest blessings in life and I adore them to pieces.

Ps. Ask me about the time I had a baby in a hotel in Paris, France 🙈

This is me with my hunky, hunky husband. I love him so much and I for sure got the best one (sorry, ladies!). Jk! I hope you feel the same way about your man! We've been married and adventuring together for twelve years now! 

little details About Me

  • An enneagram 9w1 and an extroverted introvert
  • Has lived in Texas, California, Boston, and Paris (the French one)
  • Majored in sports med in college (if you need someone to tape a sprained ankle on your wedding day, I got you)
  • Loves a good book on psychology (fascinating!)
  • Favorite movie: Pride and Prejudice (the Keira Knightly version)
  • Favorite tv show: Don't tell anyone...but I think seasons 1-3 of The Office are so cringy the Jim and Pam dynamic is *chef's kiss*
  • Coffee addict. So guilty.
  • Loves Jesus and my church community

I feel as if we're friends, already!

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