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West Texas Wedding | Kristen and Laz

Hello hello! I’m SO excited to finally share Kristen and Laz’s beautiful wedding day at Bella Vie in Lubbock, Texas. This West Texas Wedding was lovely and also a windy one! Thankfully, those winds worked in our favor and we got some STUNNING bride and groom portraits after their ceremony.

Kristen and Laz have a beautiful faith-based relationship and one of my favorite parts of their day was when they shared their first touch. The anticipation on both of their faces was priceless and they shared the sweetest tear-filled prayers with each other. They shared sentiments of gratitude to the Lord for bringing them together and you could just tell… this is forever.

Their wedding was so special because of the intimacy of the day.– inviting just their nearest and dearest to attend.

For those planning one, here are five tips for an intimate wedding:

1. Guest List

Keep your guest list small, well under 100. When you have a small guest list, you can share meaningful moments with almost everyone who attends.

2. Choose a Unique Venue

When you have an intimate wedding, you can choose almost any space to hold your ceremony. Kristen and Laz chose Bella Vie, which is a beautiful light-filled venue with a sweet little chapel. It accommodated their intimate West Texas wedding.

3. Plan A First Touch or First Look

This helps the two of you to connect before everyone arrives and will also allow you to soak in the moment. The rest of the day will fly by, so I always recommend having a moment with just the two of you.

4. Invest in Good Photography

I can hear the eye rolls! Obviously I would mention this, but really, you want to remember your wedding day! Not only the events of the day, but also how it felt! Invest in a photographer you vibe with and whose work you love. Aside from each other, your photographer is the person you’ll spend the most time with that day, and their presence makes an impact on how you will feel and remember your wedding day.

5. Make it Meaningful

What are the most important things to you on your wedding day? Is it sharing a prayer with your family and friends? Is it the festivities after the ceremony on the dance floor? Whatever it may be, make sure you let your photographer know what you’re most looking forward to so they pay special attention to those details, and don’t forget– let go, and enjoy the day!!

I hope you found these tips helpful, and if you’re looking for a West Texas Wedding photographer, I’d be honored to document your day.

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