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How to Write a Review for Your Photographer

If you’ve ever had the chance to work with a professional photographer and absolutely LOVE how they documented your occasion, one thing that you can do in return for them is to leave a raving review! It warms their heart to their core and also helps them to keep doing what they’re doing! There’s nothing like word of mouth…or word of a google review, that will help them to team up with future clients. Here are some suggestions on how you can show your deep appreciation for your photographer and craft a great review.

  1. Pretend like you’re writing this review for your friends! What would you want them to know about your experience with your photographer?
  2. Think about how the photographer made you feel. Were you worried you were going to feel awkward in front of the camera? Maybe they had some great poses or tips. Maybe they just made you feel at ease by being around them. How the photographer makes people feel is probably one of the most important aspects of the photog-client relationship!
  3. Did you get along with them? How was their rapport? Did you feel like friends, or at the very least, did you feel like your photographer was professional and polite?
  4. Quality of the images and style. What did you love about your photos that brings you to write your review in the first place? Did you love the incredible sunset photos? The emotion captured? The fun on the dance floor? Maybe they really impressed you by being able to capture photos in a variety of scenarios and lighting situations (or maybe that’s just the photographer in me saying that). Just take a look at your photos and think “what do I like about this”?
  5. Communication. Were they easy to communicate with? Did they stay on top of things and answer questions before you even asked them? Did you feel comfortable asking them questions?
  6. Adaptability. Were there any “wrenches” thrown into the day? Maybe it started to downpour on your wedding day. Were they able to adjust to the situation with ease?
  7. Delivery of images. Did your images arrive by the time they outlined for you or sooner? How was the presentation?
  8. Bonuses. Were there any extra things that made your experience just a little extra special? Things you might not have been expecting but turned out to be a sweet surprise?
  9. Overall experience. In the end, what’s the bottom line? Did you love your experience and would book with them again or highly recommend to your friends?
  10. Include images if possible. Often leaving 2-3 of your favorite images and letting people know why they’re significant to you (maybe you just like them!) will help future clients connect with the photographer even more.

I hope this is a helpful guide. Your review by no means needs to be exhaustive; however, touching on a few of these points and leaving your favorite photos goes a long way.

If I’ve worked with you, thank you SO much for booking with me and giving me opportunity to document your precious, fleeting moments. It means the world to me.



If we’ve worked together in the past, and you feel to do so, you can leave a review for me on Google, Facebook, and Zola.

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