Texas A&M Senior Session

What to Wear to Your Texas A&M Senior Session

Your time at Texas A&M has been a journey filled with memories, learning, and growth. As you approach your senior session, it’s important to capture this significant moment in a way that truly reflects who you are. Dressing appropriately for the occasion not only ensures you’ll look your best, but it also adds a personal touch to your photos. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect outfit for your Texas A&M senior session.

1. Rep Those Colors!

When it comes to showcasing your Aggie pride, incorporating your school’s colors is a must. Whether it’s maroon, white, or a combination of both, don’t be afraid to let your spirit shine. Consider wearing a nice white dress or top paired with maroon accessories. A jersey or other school-themed accessories can add a playful touch to your ensemble and make your photos uniquely you.

2. Dress the Part

Ladies, opt for a flattering dress or jumper that not only highlights your style but also makes you feel confident. A well-fitted dress can elegantly capture your personality and provide a timeless look. Fellas, you can never go wrong with chinos and a button-up shirt. This classic combo exudes sophistication and professionalism.

3. Consider the Season

The Texas climate is known for its variability, so dressing according to the season is crucial. If your senior session falls in a colder month, bring along layers to stay warm and comfortable between shots. Cozy sweaters, scarves, and jackets can add both style and practicality to your photos, ensuring you don’t miss out on any picture-perfect moments.

4. Prepare for Movement

Senior sessions are all about capturing your vitality and energy. Wear something that allows you to move freely – whether you’re sitting, running, or even lying down. Comfortable attire not only ensures you feel at ease but also helps the photographer capture candid moments that truly represent your essence.

5. Shoes and Pockets Matter

Your choice of footwear should match the location of your session. If you’re planning on exploring different areas of campus or outdoor locations, comfortable and appropriate shoes are a must. As for pockets, empty them out to avoid any unsightly bulges in your final images. Keeping your pockets clutter-free maintains a clean and polished appearance.

6. Colors and Patterns

While your outfit should reflect your personal style, it’s best to lean towards timeless choices for your senior session. Avoid overly distracting colors and flamboyant patterns that might steal the spotlight from you. The focus should be on capturing your genuine expressions and emotions. Choose colors and patterns that complement your features rather than overpowering them.

In the end, your senior session is a celebration of your achievements and the exciting future that lies ahead. By following these guidelines, you’ll be well-prepared to create stunning, memorable images that encapsulate this significant milestone. Whether you’re posing in front of the iconic Aggie landmarks or amidst the natural beauty of College Station, your outfit will play a pivotal role in showcasing your achievements.

As you gather your clothing choices for your Texas A&M Senior Session, remember that confidence is key. Wear what makes you feel comfortable and reflects your unique style. With the right outfit and the Aggie spirit in your heart, you’ll be ready to shine in front of the camera and create memories that will last a lifetime. Gig ’em!

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