College station flower farmer holding a large bouquet of flowers

College Station Small Business | Flower Farm

I love supporting and photographing College Station small businesses. One day I was having coffee with my husband at a cute coffee shop. There was a beautiful bouquet of flowers at our table with a business card on it. When I posted my photo on Instagram I tagged their farm, and that was how it all started. I more or less invited myself out to Angie and Chris’ flower farm to take photos for them. They are such lovely people and they’re able to pull off the whole thing thanks to the community they’ve surrounded themselves with. I love that the whole experience with them is centered on family and community. I’ve had the privilege to join them for flower picking a few different Fridays before they take their goods out to farmer’s markets on Saturdays. Everyone is happy, and who wouldn’t be? Flowers make people happy.

They put together beautiful bouquets, and one of my brides even had one for her elopement! They make such a stunning addition to your wedding day.



Fresh local farm flowers

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